Pitchford Design And Landscape

Pitchford Design and Landscape is a growing small landscape business with a goal to help shape the future of home and commercial landscapes. The vision of change is that the modern landscape may become a functioning wildlife habitat while retaining the aesthetic values and status our customers demand. Our leadership is carefully selected to help shape a team that prides itself on love and value for nature and the people that live amidst it. We as a company strive to educate on the benefits of our service with a quality over quantity approach.

It all started back in 2006 with a summer job at a local retail nursery in Clearwater, Florida. A hot summer as the great recession of 2008 loomed in the distance where future Pitchford Design owner Zack Pitchford discovered a passion for plants. It wasn’t just a passion for the plants, but how they could be used in the landscape to bring happiness and status to customers' properties. This led to a successful journey through the University of Florida's Environmental Horticulture program to provide the knowledge atop the foundation of a love for nature. As Pitchford Design and Landscape was formed, a calling to connect the aesthetic demand of the urban landscape with nature became the vision for the future. This would be the movement of change we will help lead for our green industry and community.